Best Little Rock Wedding Photographer

Best Little Rock Wedding Photographer

I'm Larry Odom, owner of Focus Photography. I have been a Little Rock photographer for almost 20 years. What do I specialize in? That is a great question. I see photographers that list about 15 types of photography they "specialize" in. I always think, WOW, how they can specialize in all that. I specialize in one thing.    

I specialize in the art of "PHOTOGRAPHY" in Little Rock and surrounding areas. 

I love the art of photography and everything that comes with it, from planning a creative and fun session to correctly lighting and posing the clients. Photography is about the execution of proper technique, while producing a meaningful piece of art.  It is not simply owning a camera and taking trendy pictures. 

What makes me one of the Best Little Rock Wedding Photographers?

Photography is about art, love, passion, science, mathematics, planning, preserving and producing high quality images. I want my images to capture every detail and emotion expressed, during that split second of time.  I’m honored that clients invite me to capture those moments.  By approaching my work this way, a print produced for you will be a piece of art to be hand down from generation to generation.

I’m not a shoot and burn photographer. That’s someone who just shoots your images and put them on a CD or DVD.  I feel your images should be printed, not left on a cd or dvd, only to get lost or accidentally destroyed. I feel so strongly that your wedding photos and honestly all photo’s need to be printed and enjoyed.

What I do is provide you a wonderful, fun and creative photo session. I will capture those meaningful, split second moments that many new and inexperienced photographers often miss. Once you have chosen your favorite images, I will offer unique, high-quality products to showcase those images in whatever space you or those special to you, choose for their display.... Oh, and then I’ll give you a DVD or CD as a backup to the heirloom I produced.

I believe that photography reveals, that regardless of circumstances, life offers moments to us if only milliseconds of beauty that should be captured, cherished, preserved and remembered. 

Let me capture and preserve those moments for you.